View Coloramas

Cheetah-Neil Montanus

Using a new fast color film, Neil was able to get three shots before the

cheetah saw him and ran toward him. Frame #2 was used for the Colorama.

Underwater Colorama-Neil Montanus

First underwater Colorama. Housing was built around an old surplus air

reconnaissance camera.

Capitol Bldg-Neil Montanus 2/17/81

Shot from the top of the Library of Congress with Verichrome Type L

Koalas-Australia-Neil Montanus 3/23/81

Image took three days to shoot as the animals kept falling asleep.

Statue of Liberty Centenial-Sam Campanaro

Live Aid-Sam Campanaro

The photographer’s daughter knew more about the music than he did.

15 Babies-by Sam Campanaro and Marty Czamanske 8/84

What started as a private joke snapshot, the 15 Babies went on to become the

most popular Colorama in the 40 year history of the program.

XXIV Olympiad, Seoul-Sam Campanaro and Bill Cafer 10/17/88

Photograph was shot and made into a full Colorama 5 DAYS later-average time

took three weeks.

Centenial of Snapshot Photography-Norm Kerr & George Eastman House 8/15/88

A HUGE thank you from Mike and Steve to all the great Colorama photographers for allowing us the use of their amazing talents for the this documentary and this website.


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